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Lighted poker tables with LED

Poker Tables With LED Lights

Poker tables with LED refers to specialized poker tables that are equipped with built-in LED (light-emitting diode) lighting systems. These tables are designed to enhance the playing experience by providing various lighting effects and features.

LED lights are incorporated into the table's structure, typically positioned around the perimeter or integrated into the playing surface itself. They can be programmed to produce different colors, intensities, and patterns, allowing for customizable lighting arrangements.

The main purpose of LED lights on poker tables is to create an immersive and visually appealing atmosphere.

  • BBO Aces Pro Alpha Oval Poker Table

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    Original price $1,999.00
    Original price $1,999.00 - Original price $1,999.00
    Original price $1,999.00
    $1,899.00 - $1,978.00
    $1,899.00 - $1,978.00
    Current price $1,899.00

    THE ACES PRO ALPHA TABLE Our Most Requested Product - Folding Table With LEDs Our most requested product - a folding poker table with LEDs! We to...

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    Original price $1,999.00
    Original price $1,999.00 - Original price $1,999.00
    Original price $1,999.00
    $1,899.00 - $1,978.00
    $1,899.00 - $1,978.00
    Current price $1,899.00
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How to Choose a Poker Table With LEDs?

Choosing a poker table with LEDs involves considering several important factors. Firstly, you should determine the size of the table that will best fit your gaming area and accommodate the desired number of players comfortably. There are round and oval shaped poker tables with LEDs.

Next, assess the quality of the playing surface. Look for tables with durable materials like premium felt or speed cloth, providing a smooth surface for card and chip movement. Ensure the playing surface is large enough to accommodate the players.

Consider the construction and durability of the poker table with LEDs. Opt for tables with sturdy frames made of solid wood or metal, ensuring stability during intense gameplay and longevity of the table.

Comfort and ergonomics are crucial for enjoyable poker sessions. Look for poker tables that offer sufficient legroom and comfortable seating positions. The height and design should allow players to reach the center of the table easily.

Set a budget range for your LED poker table and look for options within that range. Consider the quality, features, and durability of the table to make an informed decision.

Lastly, research reputable brands known for producing high-quality poker tables with LED lights.

What Are the Different Shapes of Poker Tables With LEDs?

There are 2 different shapes of poker tables with LED lights available.

  1. Round poker tables with LED.
  2. Oval poker tables with LED.

These different shapes offer varying benefits and considerations in terms of gameplay, seating arrangement, space utilization, and aesthetics.

What Are the Different Types of Poker Tables With LEDs?

There are 5 different types of poker tables with LEDs available.

  1. Folding poker tables.
  2. Convertible poker dining tables.
  3. Luxury poker tables.
  4. Professional poker tables.
  5. Poker tables with dealer spots.

Each type of LED poker table offers unique features and benefits, allowing players to select the one that best suits their specific needs and enhances their overall poker experience.

Can You Customize Poker Tables With LEDs?

Yes, you can customize poker tables LED lights. You can select different legs, opt for a different color of felt or speed cloth, or even create your own design for the felt. Additionally, you have the option to choose a different design or color for the armrest. You can also add cup holders, USB ports, or shufflers to your poker table.

What Are the Different Sizes of Poker Tables With LEDs?

Poker tables with LED lights come in different sizes. There are round LED poker tables available in widths of 55 inches. Additionally, there are oval LED poker tables that range between 96 inches long and 46 inches wide, and 101.5 inches long and 46 inches wide.

Which Brands Sell Poker Tables With LEDs?

BBO sells poker tables with LEDs. This brand offers high-quality poker tables made from durable materials that are built to last.

How Much Are Poker Tables With LEDs?

On average, poker tables with LED lights cost between $1900 to $5000. The cost depends on various factors, including the shape, type, size, and additional features of the table.

Where Can You Buy Poker Tables With LEDs?

You can purchase poker tables with LEDs online from reputable eCommerce retailers, such as After Work Hub, or you can explore brick-and-mortar shops in your vicinity that specialize in the game table niche.

What Are the Best Poker Tables With LEDs?

There are several high-quality poker tables with LEDs available on the market. Below, you can find 3 of the best options.

  1. BBO Ginza LED Round Poker Table. Crafted with high-quality faux leather vinyl, this round poker table exudes a sleek and elegant appearance. It can comfortably accommodate up to 8 players. The standout feature of this table is the 16 high-quality changeable LED colors and five light modes. It is priced at $2899.
  2. BBO Aces Pro Alpha Oval Poker Table. This is the upgraded version of the BBO Aces Pro. In addition to a dealer spot, this folding poker table also features LED lights for an enhanced gaming experience. It is priced at $1899.
  3. BBO Lumen HD Oval Poker Table. This kidney-shaped luxury poker table is considered one of the best options available. It features solid wood "Napa" pedestal legs and remote-controlled waterproof LED trim, which adds to the overall ambiance and creates an extraordinary poker experience. It is priced at $3499.